About this Prototype

This is a prototype build of Gallery 5, which demonstrates the ability to place paintings on the gallery walls, and to move from this mode to a first-person experience of the result. After clicking on the ShowGUI button on the top left, you will be able to select paintings and click on the wall surfaces to place them. You can toggle an eye-level plane to help guide placement. You can then click to place "yourself" in the scene. While this is a first pass for modeling and texturing, this prototype gives a sense of what is possible. The landscape is a placeholder, but also gives a sense of the ability to reproduce the setting, which is a key part of the experience of Gallery 5.

About Tesseract

The Tesseract Studio for Interactive Humanities and Game Design uses a game-centered approach to produce immersive content for online, face-to-face and blended courses. Courses under development include classical mythology, Roman civilization, and Norse saga. Tesseract is also using game-engine technology to develop an interactive database of artwork in Pompeii.