Deeper Techniques and Cultural Rhetoric

The second semester in our introductory sequence in game design aims to deepen students’ understanding of the design concepts introduced in Game Design I, while bringing new design issues and development techniques into the mix. In terms of practical content, students are introduced into hands-on C# coding in Unity, basic character creation, and world-building techniques and workflows between Maya and Unity. As part of the humanities focus of our approach in Tesseract, students are also introduced to unique challenges involved in representing historical content, in a critical way, through gameplay. The course also shifts from individual work to more group-based work. Virtually every game made these days is built by a team, sometimes 2-6, sometimes 200-500. The ability to do collaborative work, efficiently and positively, between team members involves fundamental social and practical skills, and is an absolute necessity in game development.

Required Text

Katie Salen and Eric ZimmermanRules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals