Project Description

In revising Saeculum from its first release in 2014, we made a key decision: move the house of the Fulvii from the slopes of the Palatine down into the Forum Boarium.  This had the advantage of making the play space much more compact, but also presented the challenge of representing this amazing and complex piece of Rome’s ancient topography.  While remaining basically true to the evidence for the layout of this space during our arcs (220-200 BCE, 130-120 BCE, 25-9 BCE), we have also moved some things around in the interest of compression and better game play, and we have created residential areas that basically lack any solid evidence archaeologically or in literature–other than the general knowledge that this area close to the river port was likely densely inhabited, and served as one of the major market quarters of Rome.  Right now, we have roughly 70% of the structures in place, but there will be further passes to add clutter, dirt, graffiti, etc.  The image sequence above give a sense of the progression from greyboxing level design to the first rough art pass, for Arcs 1 and 2 of the game. We will provide soon a full blog discussion of how we approached the Forum Boarium for Arcs 1-3 of Saeculum.