About Tesseract

The Tesseract Center for Immersive Environments and Game Design

Tesseract is a game development and visualization studio housed at the University of Arkansas and headed by Dr. David Fredrick. Our core mission is the creation of immersive, game-based content for courses and research, with undergraduate and graduate student developers playing an integral part. Through the interdisciplinary, project-based process of game design, Razorbacks teach Razorbacks, both in making the content and in “playing” it as part of course modules or research projects.

Our team is made up of recent graduates in leadership roles and current student interns. We’re able to teach students valuable skills beyond the classroom and empower them to go out and make a difference wherever they end up.


Dr. David Fredrick

Center Director

Brianna Jenkins

Art Director

Nicholas Reynolds

Technical Director

Adam Schoelz

Lead Software Engineer

Senior Interns

Will Loder

Senior Designer

Mika Moore

Senior Environment Artist

Dr. Cindy Roullet

Senior Software Engineer

Liam McMahon

Senior Audio Designer

Theo Mellon

Senior Art Intern

Julio Nolasco

Senior Art and Animation Intern

Junior Interns

Matthew Brooke

Software Engineer

Kelsey Myers

Lab Administrator

Stevie Petet


Ian Ruiz

Software Engineer

Alexis Tucker


Jenny Wong


About Tesseract

Rachel McCann


Ellie Scott


About Tesseract

Tanner Paschal


About Tesseract

Zac Fulmer

Designer and Programmer

Rachel Murray

Spatial Analyst

About Tesseract

Claire Campbell

Spatial Analyst


Jeff Payne


Ryan Key

Audio Engineer

Laura Shatkus

Casting Director

Chloe Hiley


Student Internships

We are always looking for talented students to join our cause. We frequently recruit from the courses we teach in Game Design, but you can also apply by reaching out to us or visiting our lab.

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