Advancing Game Design in Northwest Arkansas

Interdisciplinary and Innovative

Tesseract is an interdisciplinary studio that crafts interactive experiences, from 2D and 3D video games to immersive visualizations and XR content. Although we work across a range of 3D technologies, the art and practice of game design are central to our mission.

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Our Mission

Drive forward innovative curriculum and research across the University, promote integrated Humanities, Arts, and STEM education, and fuel game company and technology start-ups in the NW Arkansas region and the State.

Crafting Games and Interactive Experiences

Tesseract is a fully-functional game studio working on a number of projects at any given time. We create a range of products including educational video games, interactive 3D visualizations, and 360° VR videos. All of these leverage the skills, technology, and design principles pioneered by and fundamental to the game development industry.

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Immersive Education

Tesseract teaches courses in Game Design, equipping University of Arkansas students with fundamental skills in game programming, art, and design. While students spend time reading and discussing game design theory, the courses are highly project-focused, which helps students learn the importance of project management, iteration, and agile development.

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Giving Students the Tools to Succeed

We maintain and are committed to an inclusive and multidisciplinary environment, recognizing that diverse identities and voices strengthen the innovative spirit of the game and tech industries.

Students work collaboratively across disciplines on real projects, honing their skills in preparation for professional careers. Individuals who come through Tesseract emerge with the technical knowledge, critical frameworks, creative skills, and work-ethic that set them apart in the private sector.

Tesseract alumni have gone on to work at major companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Retro Studios, Unity Technologies, and many others.

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