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Learn to make video games and other engaging, interactive content.

Game Design and Development

Core Game Design Classes

Tesseract offers an introductory sequence for any and all students interested in game development. Game Design I and II provide an overview of making games, allowing students to explore the basics of programming, art, and design. The courses are heavily project-based and, as such, students produce several small games over the two-semester sequence.

Expanding Curriculum

In addition to the core introductory sequence, Tesseract offers several courses that further explore video games and their applications. Courses include Everything and More, Indie Video Games: a deep dive into the analysis of influential indie video games and Immersive Retail: a project-based exploration of the ways game engine technology and game design practice will impact the future of creative agencies, ecommerce, and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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Classes at the U of A

Game Design I

An introduction to the theory and practice of making games

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Game Design II

Delving deeper into game design principles and collaboration.

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