Live the lives of the Romans. Learn the history and culture of ancient Rome through a narrative-driven experience.

Finalist: 4th International Educational Game Competition at the European Conference on Games Based Learning

Focus on storytelling

Saeculum is a narrative-driven game that puts a focus on dialogue and player expression through choices. All of the characters that players meet in the 20-hour experience are fully voice-acted and animated.

Rome through the ages

Experience Rome in four distinct time periods. Witness how the city changes over time. Familiar areas grow and shift with the eras. The eternal city never sits still for long.

Shape characters through your choices

Assume the roles of members of the Fulvii family lineage. As the times change, so too do the characters you play. Shape these characters with the choices you make and see them reflected in the Roman Virtue system. Growing more adept in various Virtues unlocks unique abilities and playstyles.

Manage your social connections

Modify your experience through your social network and clientele. Rewards change based on the strength of social connections and the choices you make regarding your clients - the other Romans that depend on you for their livelihood. Send clients on missions to earn rewards, or have them follow you through the streets to support and protect you from harm.