Mythos Unbound

Mythology holds the power to break your chains. Earn your freedom.

Third Place Overall: 3rd International Educational Game Competition at the European Conference on Games Based Learning

The Canterbury Tales Meets Ancient Mythology

Mythos Unbound’s story is a frame narrative told through the eyes of a newly acquired slave in an ancient Pompeiian household. To navigate the unfamiliar culture of ancient Rome, players must learn its customs through Greek and Roman mythological stories.

Mythology is All Around You

Seemingly mundane tasks, such as cooking recipes, attending guests, and repairing pottery, carry deeper meaning. Everything in the house means something, and your ability to understand surroundings weighs heavily on your social standing in the house.

Enter the Myths

Assume the personas of mythical characters: Hermes, Odysseus, Cassandra, Dioysus, and many more! Relive key episodes from their stories and see these ancient stories through a new and different lens.

Mechanics as Message

Engage with a variety of game mechanics across 19 myth levels, each designed to communicate central themes from the myths through gameplay. Players alternate between narrative and action, and are asked to think critically about the relationship between the two.