"Never, oh! Never can it be named. It reverts, it returns to unbeing. Call it the form of the unformed, the image of no image." -Lao Tzu

Explore Consciousness

Being is a touch-based puzzle game for mobile platforms designed to demonstrate basic behaviors of neurons in mammalian brains as well as introduce an array of philosophy-of-mind concepts to players. The theme of the game is consciousness, explored through the lens of cognitive science.

Two-Tier Gameplay

Gameplay occurs in two tiers: Micro and Macro. Micro puzzles and Macro abilities are unified and organized in the game by five general categories of brain function. When players complete micro-level neuron puzzles, new abilities are gained for the macro-level Being.

Fabricate Being

Players influence the on-screen character known as “Being,” an artificially generated organic lifeform created for the purpose of studying consciousness. When micro neuron puzzles are completed, it is Being’s brain that undergoes manipulation. As Being gains new brain functions, their emotional and critical thinking skills grow more complex.

A Strange New World

Set in an enigmatic environment known only as “The Facility,” players must help Being navigate a strange and ever-changing environment. Throughout the story, Being is haunted by the “Black Dog,” a psychological manifestation that represents a repressed guilt and trauma associated with consciousness. Many mysteries await players in The Facility’s depths...