Serious Games and Higher Ed

With some significant exceptions, serious play has not yet made a serious dent in higher education curricula.  It’s worth thinking about why, and also about some interesting implications this holds in the near future for college-level teaching. I returned recently from the Serious Play Conference held in Pittsburgh, July 21-23, hosted on the Carnegie-Mellon campus.  […]

What is Saeculum?

What is Saeculum? Saeculum is our project name for the game we’re building as the core for an online and blended, full-semester course offered at the University of Arkansas, CLST 1013: Introduction to Classical Studies: Rome.  It is a game designed to teach students about ancient Rome, for credit at the university level.  In constructing […]

Welcome to Tesseract

Welcome to Tesseract Welcome to Tesseract–an academic studio at the University of Arkansas focused on immersive environments and game design. Formed in the auspicious year of 2012, the primary goal of Tesseract is to involve student developers in the process of making “serious” games with a research and/or educational purpose.  Since there is no tried-and-true […]