Project Description

The House of the Prince of Naples is part of a larger research initiative on space and decoration in Pompeii, under the general heading of “Digital Pompeii.” This initiative explores the relationship between network topology (the patterns of connections between spaces), visual integration, and the distribution of art (especially wall paintings), focusing on insulae 11, 15, and 16 in Regio 6. In particular, this project seeks to trace relationships between navigation, spatial cognition, and social meaning. Our reconstruction of the House of the Prince of Naples is a prototype step toward a user interface for the project. Using a relatively small but well decorated house, this project aims to incorporate different kinds of data and analysis into a clean and efficient user interface. The House of the Prince of Naples was published in Unity 4, but we are working to upgrade to Unity 5, and a version built specifically for the Oculus. This is definitely not a final release, but a playable step toward an interface that allows the user to evaluate different kinds of data on the fly, within the realtime environment.