Mornin' in Your Eyes

The times they were a’changin. Learn about the ‘63-’64 Civil Rights Movement through interactive fiction and primary sources.

Development supported by a Teaching Improvement Grant from the Teaching and Faculty Support Center at the University of Arkansas

Awarded Silver in the Higher Education category of the 2021 International Serious Play Awards competition

Step Into the Past

Experience one of the most transformative periods in American history. Gameplay centers on reading select newspaper articles from 1963-64 and applying them to make choices in an interactive fiction format.

A Guide to America's History

Set in college town not unlike Fayetteville, AR, players assume the role of a newly hired hand at the Old Earth Coffeehouse. As events transpire, the shop owner helps players reflect on a series of topics including the March on Washington, the assassination of JFK, and the events of Freedom Summer in Mississippi.

Coffee and Conversation

Each character that players speak with offers a unique perspective on the events of the Civil Rights movement. Players alternate between reading primary sources and conversing with patrons to discuss their views on these sources. These views are affected by each character’s background and opinions.

Storybook Style

Players navigate a space articulated in an art style evocative of the times. Characters are brought to life using a style of animation known as “rotoscoping.” This allows for the use of real-life actors as a basis for the characters’ appearance and emotions.